Unbreakable polycarbonate glasses for hotels or restaurants – pros and cons

All professionals sooner or later come across the problem with broken glasses. The broken glasses are a serious expense in big restaurants or hotels and aside from the financial point of view there is always the concern for our guest’s safety.

Unbreakable polycarbonate glassesThe professional polycarbonate glasses are around since about 10 years, solving most of the problems with unwanted broken glasses. However I will never use polycarbonate glasses for an upscale restaurant or hotel room. My unwillingness to use the unbreakable plastic glasses has nothing to do with their qualities. All polycarbonate products are covering the requirements of the hotel or restaurant business. The polycarbonate glasses are virtually unbreakable, could be dish washed, have good insulation qualities (the cold beer stays cold longer), they are light and easy to store.

Nevertheless your clients will always feel a little bit cheap if you serve their drinks in a plastic cup. The classic in glasses will always be the heavy glass and there are no indications that this will change soon.

Unbreakable polycarbonate glassesKeeping in mind what I said so far I do not think that we should discard the usage of polycarbonate glasses all together. The polycarbonate glasses have extremely good application potential in all venues with outside areas. Here I mean gardens, pools, beach venues etc., plenty of catering companies are using polycarbonate glasses for outdoor parties or parties with children. Another good application of the polycarbonate glasses is at pubs and night clubs with heavy amount of broken glass.

This is in short the presentation of the polycarbonate glasses and coming to the theme of this publication I would formulate the pros and cons in the following way:


Pros and cons of polycarbonate glasses usage in hotels and restaurants
Virtually unbreakable Lack the “glass” feel
No danger of cuts whatsoever


Chemicals of the dishwasher could reduce the glass life(stronger chemicals=shorter life)
0% broken glass expenses Loss of prestige serving in plastic glasses
Could be branded When empty they are easily pushed by the wind
Very light  
Easy to store (could be stored even in black bags)  
Look very much like the regular glasses  
Could be washed in dishwasher(500 guaranteed washes)  
Good insulation  
Price comparable with the regular glasses  


I would like to mention here that in a lot of west European countries there are lows enforcing and regulating the use of polycarbonate glasses to offer greater safety for the guest of the hospitality industry. Such enforcements are valid for pubs and night clubs (risk of fights), pools (danger of serious cuts as customers walk around barefoot), SPA centres etc.

If I have to decide shall I use the polycarbonate glasses in my hotel or restaurant the answer is YES. I will of course add the polycarbonate glasses to the crockery of the outside venues and the catering team. It is so good that the new technology gives new solutions for old problems.

Should you need assistance getting polycarbonate glasses for your property please get in touch with us here.


5 Responses to Unbreakable polycarbonate glasses for hotels or restaurants – pros and cons

  1. Floor Mats says:

    Agreed. Glass over polycarbonate for upscale locations, every time. Polycarbonate doesn’t have the weight of normal glass and feels cheap by comparison.

  2. Cathleen says:

    I raelly appreciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.

  3. Dear Sirs,

    Can you inform us a good producer of polycarbonate glasses for hotels ?

    Kind regards

    Celio Bessa

    • Dear Mr. Bessa,

      Apologies for the delay in my answer. We were out of the office for a week.

      With regards to the producers of polycarbonate glasses we work with several official importers of polycarbonate glasses in Bulgaria as well as some producers in Europe. As far as the prices go you will be better off if you order through an official distributor as their prices will be better compared to what you will normally get from the producer himself(not to mention that some are not working with end clients)

      Send your enquiry to office@rogel.biz and see what they can offer for you. I have worked with them several times and they have always given me good prices for polycarbonate products. They are official distributors of EU produced polycarbonate.

      If you need further info please drop me an email.

      Best regards